P.I.T. Strength and Sportsplex


P.I.T. Strength is teaming up with the Sportsplex to offer a SAC course (Speed/Agility/Conditioning).  To avoid conflict with other commitments during the week, we will offer it Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Sportsplex.  We will be teaching kids drills that emphasizing proper form and movement, as well, we will teach them not only how to accelerate but also how to slow down and stop/change direction safely.  It’s the slowing down and directional changes where most lower joint injuries occur, therefore we feel it’s imperative to include this in any training.

Athletes will be grouped by grades during drills.

Who should attend:  All athletes, grades 4-12.

When: Sundays 6:30pm-7:30pm starting June 4th

Where: Sportsplex of Halfmoon

Cost: $75

How do I sign up? Register on-line at www.sportsplexofhalfmoon.com (log into your account, select register, "Class/Clinic", Class is "Speed Agility Conditioning") For registration help please contact info@sportsplexofhalfmoon.com
Contact Tony Campana with questions regarding the program- 365-3439.