update 11/19/2020

Hello everyone,

Due to recent increased numbers of Covid cases on the local, state and national levels, the Sportsplex needs to adjust accordingly in order to hopefully continue to provide sports playing opportunities. Moving forward, only one parent/spectator per participant will be allowed in the building.

As reminders:

1) Masks are required at all times within the building. Please respect this rule. If you are by yourself in part of the building, you still need to wear a mask. The only time a mask can be temporarily pulled down is if an active player needs to temporarily do so to catch her/his breath. In order to do this, the player does need to be socially distanced from others.

2) No food is allowed in the building. We aren't selling any food right now either. Water, soda and sports drinks are the only things being sold.

3) All participants must check in at the front desk upon arrival to the Sportsplex. Player cards have been, and will continue to be, provided for participants. Please make sure to bring your player card.

4) We are continuing to leave the large bay doors open to provide constant outdoor air flow through the building. We are running heat in a constant state in order to continue to maintain a comfortable playing environment. However, for sure, extra clothing to stay warm is recommended. We will do the best we can to provide outdoor air flow while also keeping it as warm as possible.

Thank you to everyone for following these requirements.

The Sportsplex of Halfmoon

updated 11/02/2020



* please note the revision regarding spectators in the 11/19/2020 update