The Field:

1. One first down is marked at center of the field.

2. Extra point marks at the 3 yard line for 1 point and 10 yard line for 2 points. 

3. No hash marks, ball is always placed in the middle.



Game clock will start on time, teams unable to start on time with a minimum of 7 players must take a forfeit. Teams can agree to play down a man and use the time to scrimmage, but forfeit score will be imposed. All players must be registered, exist on the roster and be in full compliance prior to the starting time.

1. 25 minute halves, 2 minute halftime. Running clock will only stop for injuries and with 1 minute left to play. Referees are the official timekeepers and scorekeepers, their decisions are final.  

2. Each team is entitled to 1 (30 second) timeout per half.

3 Overtime: 3 plays per team. Team that scores or gets furthest wins. If no winner is determined, game will end in tie.

4. Starting in week 3, a 30 second play clock will be enforced. Violation will result in loss of down.


Format: 8v8

1. 4 offensive lineman must be on the line of scrimmage EG GE (center has been removed)

2. 4 defensive lineman must be on the line of scrimmage

3. Coaches on the field at time of snap: K-1st max 2 coaches, 2nd-5th max 1, 6th and above no coaches allowed on field.

Equipment and Uniform: 

1. Sneakers only, cleats are not allowed

2. Jersey is provided by league and must be worn tucked.

3. All jewelry must be removed except medical ID's

4. Ball: Pee Wee size for K-1st, Junior for 2nd and above.

5. Flag Belt: Each offensive player must wear the belt style provided by the league, cannot be covered by jersey.

6. Protective Gear: Soft Knee and Arm pads are allowed, no hats, helmets or metal braces. 

7. Clothing: No baseball hats, no slogans or names on clothing, no exposed pockets, belt loops or drawstrings


Game Rules:


1.QB has the option to hold the ball pre snap when under center or in shotgun, play starts when the first player moves.   

2.Offense must pass the ball at least twice per 4 downs (once for K-1st)

3. QB can hold the ball over center position or in shotgun in lieu of snap. Play starts when the QB moves feet or ball.

4. QB can only run once per 4 down possession. Possession resets at first down.

5. Same player cannot rush the ball in 2 consecutive plays.

6. Only Wide recievers are eligible to go in motion and must move parallel or away from LOS

7. All offensive players are eligible recievers except for the center and guards.

8. Passer cannot make forward pass beyond the LOS.

9. A Pass caught or intercepted is legally in bounds as long as 2 feet contact the ground before goiung out of bounds. An elbow constitutes one foot, a knee constitutes 2 feet.

10. The team in possession shall have 4 downs to advance the ball across the first down line or endzone. There must be 2 pass plass per possession (allowances made for K-1st). The possession resets after a first down or touchdown. There are no punts you must go for it on fourth down. 

11. Ball carriers are not allowed to charge a defender, lower shoulder into a defender, stiff arm, or flag guard.



1. 4 lineman must line up on the LOS, noone may line up over center

2. Defensive lineman must line up 1 yard off the LOS and cannot drop back in to coverage

3. 4 defensive backs must line up no closer than 5 yards off the ball

4. Lineman may only rush in their lanes, no stunting.

5. Defensive backs cannot blitz or shoot gaps.

6. Fumbles are automatic dead balls, will not result in turnover, possession will not change. Ball will be spotted where the player lost possession.

Coin Flip/Kicking

1. Winner of coin flip at beginning of game determines offense or defense, Loser chooses direction. Direction switches at half and starting possession changes at half.

2. Kickoff will not take place, the ball starts on the approx 15 yard line at the beginning of each half and after each touchdown.

3. There is no punting, every team goes for it on fourth down.



Touchdown 6 points

Safety 2 points

3 yard point after 1 point

10 yard point after 2 points

On the point after attempt, the offense may choose to place the ball at the 3 yard line or the 10 yard line. A point after conversion may either be a run or pass and not subject to the rules of regular possesion play regarding run pass or consecutive player rules.




1. Procedure: A minimum of 4 offensive lineman must be on the LOS (center has been removed)

2. Delay of Game: A 30 second play clock will be enforced. The referee will blow the whistle to start the clock after the ball is placed. Allowances made in first 2 weeks.

3. Motion: One player may be in motion, however not towards the LOS until the ball is snapped and must be 2 yards off the LOS when in motion.

5. Blocking: Players must use hands when blocking, but may not throw down, or use shoulders. Open hand blocking only, no holding/pulling of jerseys. All use of hands must be below the shoulders and wbove the waist. There is no contact to the head or legs. Downfield blocking is not allowed 5 yards past the LOS. Blockers cannot run downfield alongside ball carriers to sheild their flag.

6. Hurdling/Diving: Attempting to jump over or around an upright opponent is illegal. A runner may hurdle over a downed player to avaoid injury. If a player leaves his feet to avoid being de-flagged the ball is spotted at the point he left the ground. A player may spin to avoid being deflagged.

7. Flag: When a flag belt is removed the player should hold the belt in the air. The spot of the ball will be determined by the ball's position at the time of being de-flagged. Players not wearing a flag at the start of the play will not be assessed a penalty, but if the player receives the ball they are downed by the one hand touch rule.

8. Tagging: If a flag drops inadvertantly, then the one-hand tag constitutes a tackle

9. Blood Rule: Any time a player is bleeding he must leave the game until the bleeding is stopped and the wound covered. Excessive blood on the uniform requires that the player change clothing.

10. Neutral Zone: The neutral zone is defined as the width of the ball extending across the entire field. If either team enters the neutral zone prior to ball being snapped the result will be a penalty.

11. Illegal contact: No strikes or blows of any kind are allowed above the shoulders or below the waist. This includes the quarterbacks arm when in a throwing motion. In addition, no contact of any kind is allowed 5 yards past the LOS. No downfield blocking or flag guarding.


5 Yard Penalties:

Delay of Game

False Start


Improper Formation (less than 4 players on LOS)

Illegal motion/shift

Illegal Forward Pass

Flag shielding (Improper clothing)


10 Yard Penalties

Offensive pass interference, loss of down

Holding or illegal block

Hurdling, Tripping, Pushing the runner

Illegal contact 5 yards past LOS, illegal use of hands and arm

Illegal blow or strike above the shoulders or below the waist (can be disqualified)

Flag guarding

Defensive player obstructing the ball carrier's path

Unsportsmanlike conduct (can be disqualified)

Defensive pass interference (automatic first down from the spot of the foul or 10 yards whichever is greater)

Roughing the passer (automatic first down)

Intentional Grounding

Any player disqualified for any reason will be automatically suspended from the next game. A second disqualification at any time throught the Winter will result in a suspension for the remainder of the Winter Season 2016/2017.