Goal of League

To develop each team's platers within thier Offensive and Defensive schemes.


While we all want to be successful please stay within the offensive and defensive schemes you will use in your season.  Example; Use of Empty backfield sets; not have any LBs in the box.


7 on 7 League Rules:

  1. Coaches not coaching will officiate- high school rules. We can play with 2 officials but 3 or 4 are better.
  2. 7 Defensive Players and 5 Eligible Offensive Players plus Quarterback. Center may be used but is not eligible. 
  3. There is a 4.5 Second count for a Sack. We will use tees with timers this year. If you want to have your center snap you can.(Someone else will start the timer). 
  4. The exact warm up/practice time and game time will be finalized after all teams are confirmed.
  5. Each team starts on the +40 and goes in. 1st down at the 25 (3 downs); 1st down at 15 (3 downs); 15 to goal (4 downs). Ball is spotted where play ends. EX. Could be 1st and 7. There are lines on the field that approximate these distances.
  6. One hand touch
  7. All plays must be a pass. (There have been inquiries about having 1 run. I am open if teams want that)
  8. No blocking down field
  9. 25 seconds between plays; Coaches who are officialing will keep track and let offense know when time is running out.
  10. Coaches are allowed in the huddle (we could change this as the season goes on)
  11. Sportsmanship will be emphasized; flagrant fouls may result in disqualification from league
  12. Teams score points on touchdowns6 pts per TD; 1 Pt. from the 3 yd line and 2 points from the 8 yd line.
  13. If there is a tie at the end of regulation tie breaker is as follows:
  • Each team gets 3 downs to score from the 10. Teams must got for 2.
  • Still tied=team with most INT's in game wins
  • Still tied=team who scored in OT in less plays wins
  • Still tied=TIE 

14. Penalties

  • At the line penalties
  1. False start- 5 yards (nithing goes backward from +40)
  2. Delay of game 5 yeards (nothing goes backward from +40)
  • Down the field penalities
  1. Defensive Holding; Defensive pass interference- 10 yards + 1st down
  2. Offensive Pass Interference 10 yards (if room) and loss of down

15. Safety: It is key that we police our own players regarding sportsmanship and physical contact. The sidelines are close to the walls. We must be careful the "1 hand touch". The last thing any of us want is injury.