Each division will be assigned primary scheduling days and alternate scheduling days. The alternate scheduling days accomodate preferences and requests made by coaches for teams that register early each session. The Sportsplex scheduler will work directly with the coach or assigned team manager to ensure convenient schedules. Primary scheduling days are designed to lend consistency to divisions. More often than not a divison will consistently use a dedicated block of time. We ask each coach or team manager to contact us as early as possible to make scheduling arrangement.

Days that can be selected for games are Mondays, Fridays, Saturday and Sundays. Based on group consensus and individual preference, different divisions within an age group might settle onto different primary days.

For your convenience each age group has a weekday and weekend option. Currently, the generally assigned primary days are as follows. All alternate days which teams approve can be used for games.

K-1st          Monday, alt. Saturday

2nd-3rd      Saturday/Sunday, alt. Monday

4th-5th       Saturday/Sunday, alt. Monday

6th-7th       Friday/Saturday, alt. Monday

8th-9th       Friday/Saturday, alt. Monday