Lil Sluggers Instructional Camp



  • Baseball Glove
  • Baseball Bat (If you have one)
  • Water Bottle with name written on it
  • Light, healthy snack
  • Boxed Dinner*


*We will offer “Kids Meals” at our concession for children to purchase

The Menu will be as follows:

Wednesday - Burger and Fries with a drink

Thursday - Chicken Nuggets and Fries with a drink

Friday - Pizza


Registration will be held online via Member Login or by calling the Sportsplex at (518) 383-0991


**Cost Also includes a Lil Sluggers T-Shirt for all participants**



After Completion of the camp your Lil Slugger will have improvements in the following areas:



Hitting – Players will be able to position themselves at the tee, with a proper stance, without assistance from a coach, and will be able to consistently make contact with the ball. This will also incorporate hip rotation for a more powerful swing.

Fielding – Players will be introduced to making time pressured fielding plays, with a focus to make a quick play while using good fundamentals. Players will also begin to work on catching balls in the air.

Throwing – Players will automatically resort to an overhand throw, and will have increased accuracy when throwing to a target. Incorporating a “crow hop” and discourage running with the ball.

Base Running and Recognition – By the end of the session, players should know and be able to identify the bases. A significant area of focus is gaining an understanding to stop at the bases after a play has been made.

Attentiveness and Game Awareness – Introduction of more advanced concepts and put more focus on teaching rather than entertaining. 


Participant Membership Required